Legal Notice. Terms and Conditions of Use

This legal notice sets out the General Terms and Conditions of Use that govern access to and use of the website that Terraplanet del Sur S.L. has made available to Internet users.

Cannagin® is a registered trademark owned by the company Terraplanet del Sur S.L., with Tax Identification Code B14907109 and registered address at Calle Ayala 11, 1ª planta, 28001, Madrid, Spain, registered in the Córdoba Companies Registry, in Volume 2208, Sheet CO-30543, Folio 21, 1st Entry.

Access to and use of the website imply full acceptance of these general terms and conditions, without prejudice to any specific conditions that might apply to certain services of the website.

In the spirit of ensuring that use of this website is in keeping with the criteria of transparency, clarity and simplicity imposed by the legislation and which are hallmarks of our company’s activities, we inform users that any doubts, queries or suggestions they might wish to raise regarding the scope or sense of these general terms and conditions of use shall be dealt with through the email address:

Authorised Users of the Cannagin® Website

Users accessing and using this website must be, at least, old enough to legally buy and consume alcohol.

If the user is old enough to buy and consume alcohol according to the legislation of his or her country of residence and the State from which the Website is being accessed, he or she may continue browsing. If that is not the case, they must immediately leave the Website.


Terraplanet del Sur declares that the content, information and services available on the website are provided subject to these General Terms and Conditions of Use and the policy on the processing of personal data contained in the section “Privacy Policy”.

Access to the Website or use thereof in any way grants you the status of "User" and implies acceptance, without reservations, of any and all conditions set forth in this text. Consequently, it will be the Users' responsibility to carefully read these terms every time they want to use the site. In the event of full or partial disagreement with any of the established terms, Users shall abstain from accessing or using this Website.

Likewise, you are advised that at times specific conditions might be applied for use of the Website, with regard to specific contents and/or services, and the use of such contents or services shall imply acceptance of the special conditions specified therein.


Through this Website, Terraplanet del Sur SL offers users the possibility of accessing:

  • Information on the company and the services and products it offers.
  • A section with general information on the company and brand events.
  • A section with commercial information, descriptions, prices and an image gallery of the products on sale.
  • A “contact us” section where you can make queries.

Privacy and Data Processing

Whenever it is necessary to provide personal data to access certain contents or services, Users warrant that the same shall be truthful, accurate, authentic and up-to-date.

The company shall subject such data to automated processing in line with their nature or purpose, in the terms specified in the section Privacy Policy.

Intellectual and industrial property

The user accepts that the intellectual property of the elements that make up this website, including, its source code, design, browsing structure, databases and other exposed resources, shall belong to Terraplanet del Sur SL, either because it owns the rights of exploitation over the same (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) or because it holds the necessary operating licences for their use.

Terraplanet del Sur S.L. authorises the partial viewing, printing and downloading of the content of the website only and exclusively when the following conditions are in place:

  • Compatibility with the purposes of the website.
  • Intention to obtain the information exclusively for personal and private use. It is expressly forbidden to use it for commercial, professional, judicial or illicit purposes.
  • Respect for copyright and the integrity of the contents of the website, being expressly forbidden to modify the same in any way.

Some of the images contained on the website may originate from third-party sites or image banks. All images are used in good faith and are published under licences that allow for their commercial use free of charge or when the rights of transfer and use have been paid for. In such cases, the author and the source shall be suitably shown and specified and the licence mentioned in the place of origin shall apply.

Terraplanet del Sur S.L. is the holder of the industrial property rights to the products. Any references to products or trademarks of third parties on the website shall not imply the existence of any rights or liabilities in that regard, nor any backing, sponsorship or recommendation by the company, unless otherwise expressly stated.

Any unauthorised use of the images of information contained on the website, the resale of the same, or any breach of intellectual or industrial property rights of Terraplanet del Sur S.L., shall give rise to the legally established liabilities.

Likewise, it is forbidden to suppress, evade and/or manipulate any copyright, or the technical safeguards or other information mechanisms containing the contents. Breach of these rights shall lead to the necessary legal remedies.


In order to improve the performance of the website, Terraplanet del Sur S.L. reserves the right to carry out, at any time and without the need for prior notice, any modifications and updates to the information contained, to its configuration and design, as well as to this legal notice or any other specific conditions.


The company name, the terms used and any other names, as well as the trademark Cannagin®, its logos, product and service names, designs and related slogans, are registered marks of the Company and are protected by intellectual property legislation and trademark legislation. Use of the same in any way is only authorised to licensees in the terms established in the contract. Users may not use such marks without the prior written authorisation of the Company.

Links from the Website

The Website may provide, for the User’s convenience, links to sites that are owned or managed by third parties unrelated to the Company. Each link to websites has its own terms and conditions of use. If the Website contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, the links present shall only be provided for the user’s convenience, including links contained on ads and sponsored links. The Company does not have any control over the content of such sites and resources and shall not assume any liability for the same or for any loss or damage that might arise from use of the same by the user. If the user accesses any of the third-party websites linked through the Website, he or she will do so at their own risk and in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of such websites.

Waiver of Liability

Terraplanet del Sur S.L. does not guarantee that there will not be any interruptions or errors in access to the website or its content, although it does undertake to make every effort to remedy any errors, apply any updates and re-establish communications, except in cases of force majeur.

Terraplanet del Sur S.L., does not assume any liability arising from the content, information or services linked through the website, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the same that might produce problems in the IT systems (hardware and software), in the documents or files of the user, excluding any liability for damages of any kind suffered by the user in this regard.

Likewise, the Company shall not be liable for any use by third parties of the information published on the site, or for any damages or financial losses suffered, directly or indirectly, or for any economic, material or data-related damages caused by the use of said information.

Terraplanet del Sur S.L. shall also not be liable for any security errors that might occur, or any damages that might be suffered by the IT system of the user (hardware and software), or by the files or documents stored on the same, as a consequence of:

  • The presence of any viruses on the device used by the user to connect to the services and content of the website;
  • Poor performance of the browser or use of outdated versions of the same.

Participation by users

Some sections of the website allow users to communicate with it by submitting texts through the form provided for that purpose. Use of this means of communication implies knowledge and prior acceptance of the following conditions:

  • Respect for current legislation, good morals and socially accepted behaviour, as well as public order and the general terms and conditions of use.
  • To only submit licit and truthful statements that are in line with the purposes and objectives sought in the communication form.
  • To abstain from submitting content or links that are defamatory, slanderous, offensive, insulting, racist, obscene, threatening, menacing or discriminatory, as well as commercial, promotional or advertising content.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous section and the waiver of liability clause, the User shall abstain from:

  1. Making any unauthorised or fraudulent use of the Website and/or the content for illicit ends of purposes that are forbidden in these General Terms and Conditions of Use, which are harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way might harm, disable, overburden, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the services, documents, files and any other content stored on any computer or device.
  2. Accessing or attempting to access restricted areas of the Website without meeting the conditions required for such access.
  3. Causing any damage to the physical or logical systems of the Website or those of its suppliers or third parties.
  4. Introducing or disseminating on the network any computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that might cause damage to the physical or logical systems of Terraplanet del Sur SL, or those of its suppliers or third parties.
  5. Creating links to the Website without the prior written consent of the Company;
  6. Using the Website in any way that might disable, damage, overburden or affect the site, or interfere with the use of the Website by third parties, including their ability to participate in activities in real time through the Website;
  7. Enabling any robot, spider or any other device, process or automatic means to access the Website for any reason, including to monitor or copy any material on the Website;
  8. Carrying out any manual process to monitor or copy any material on the Website, or for any other reason that is not expressly authorised in the Terms and Conditions of Use, without the prior written consent of the Company;
  9. Attacking the Website using denial of service attacks or distributed denial of service attacks;
  10. Attempting to interfere in any way with the correct operation of the Website.

Similarly, users of the Website expressly acknowledge:

  • That Terraplanet del Sur S.L. is not bound to respond to queries or opinions submitted through these channels, as they are not valid channels for notifications or transfers of information.
  • That Terraplanet del Sur S.L. does not in any case guarantee receipt of any content sent by users, as these are previously screened by an antispam filter and received, where applicable, based on available administration services.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions are subject to Spanish law.

Access to the website is conditional upon express and prior waiver of any other law or jurisdiction that might otherwise apply to users in the exercise of the rights emanating from the use and content of the Website, expressly submitting themselves to the courts and tribunals of Madrid (Spain) for any disputes that might arise from use of the Website.