The birthplace of Cannagin:Córdoba

The authentic premium gin of Córdoba

A singular location for a different gin

Córdoba’s Mediterranean climate makes it Córdoba one of the provinces with the best temperatures Spain . It has good road and rail connections and a wealth of historical and cultural heritage. Our Cannagin Premium Gin could not have been born in a better place.

Try the taste of Cannagin in any part of Spain and you’ll feel yourself being transported to Córdoba and its history and life.

Born out of love from two worlds that converge to create the most astonishing gin in the market


All the employees of Cannagin Premium come from Córdoba, a city in southern Spain and the birthplace of great historical figures that have made it what it is today: the most extraordinary province in Andalusia.

Our mission is to be the ambassadors of our land by shipping this premium gin to all corners of the earth.