Ginebra Premium Cannagin, perfecta para cócteles
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La ginebra con aroma a Cannabis que no te dejará indiferente

Ginebra Premium Cannagin, perfecta para cócteles


A dream made real by nonconformist warriors who, like the Phoenix, were reborn from their ashes to give shape to one of the most fascinating drinks in the market.

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A creation that arises out of love from two worlds that converge, giving life to this caprice of cannabis and gin. Feel born again. Are you bold enough to try Cannagin?

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Cannagin is a unique blend, a contrast of a mild citrus flavour to which a cannabis aroma has been added. Dive into an explosion of flavours that will leave you wanting more.

Botella de cannagin
Botella de cannagin

With 20 botanicals

Juniper, lime zest, cardamom...

Including juniper, cardamom, lime and orange zest, and lemon balm.

Traditional distillation

Distilled by the greatest masters

Distilled by the greatest masters to offer the highest quality standards

Unique flavour

Thanks to its contrasts and the aroma of cannabis

Cannagin is a unique blend with an intense, citrus flavour and a special cannabis aroma that attracts the most sceptical

Cannabis aroma

Aromatised with hemp

Distilled and aromatised with hemp, turning it into a gin different from any other

El sabor de Cannagin: una ginebra única
El sabor de Cannagin: una ginebra única

Remember: Although Cannagin is aromatised with hemp, it contains no THC or CBD

Made with the best botanicals

Case Format

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Individual Format

Fotografía del Formato Botella Individual de Cannagin
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