Fotografía del Formato Botella Individual de Cannagin

Cannagin Premium Gin 70 cl

Cannagin is a premium cosmopolitan gin with a singular projection.

Cannagin’s individual format presentation, includes a 70 cl bottle of Cannagin Premium Gin and a reusable bag with handles and a matte finish.

Main features of the gin:

  • 20 botanicals are used in its distillation
  • Predominant citrus flavour
  • Hemp seed extract that gives it a unique aroma (Contains no active THC or CBD ingredients )
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  • Contains distilled alcohol
  • Its 20 botanicals include juniper, cardamom, lime and orange zest and lemon balm
  • Contains no active THC or CBD ingredients


Cannagin Gin is obtained by traditional distillation through which it acquires 38% of its alcoholic strength.

Presentation and packaging

  • Reusable bag with handles and a matte finish
  • White glass bottle containing 0.7 litres

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature and out of the reach of children